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Below you will find updates about the conference and more information related to “city renewal”. Why wait until October 18th to start learning?

A Gospel Movement in Chicago

Ed has written and spoken extensively on the topics of church planting, leadership, discipleship, and much more; check out his blog for more. We are excited to have Ed on the speaking faculty for The Gospel and Our Cities this fall.

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Defining A Gospel Movement

By Tim Keller, from Redeemer City to City. It is common for Christian ministries, indeed for human organizations, to claim to be a movement. It has a very positive ring to contemporary ears. When Christians use the term, they often mean, “God is blessing our efforts.”...

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Piecing Together Peace Among Chicago’s Youth Violence

This article, written by Drew Ward, first appeared on Christianity Today's This is Our City site on 9/23/13. Editor's Note: Four years ago today, 16-year-old Derrion Albert was walking home from school when he was caught in a brawl between fellow students and beaten...

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Praying for Chicago

From June 14 to August 29, Prayercast is going to feature a video for one of the 77 Chicago neighborhoods. Together, we can pray for every square inch of this city. Click here to visit their website and subscribe to the prayer...

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