The gospel begins to have power in our lives when we grasp how radically different it is from both the moralism of religion and the relativism of modern culture. It gives us a love from God that is uniquely solid, sustained and unconditional because it’s not based on our performance. Yet, at the same time, the gospel humbles us at the realization of our sin and of Jesus’ costly love for us in spite of it all.

The gospel liberates us from the need to prove ourselves, from any guilt over the past, from an addicting over-dependence on things in the present, and it gives us infallible hope for the future.

For the first time in history, half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, two-thirds of the human race will live, work, play, worship and raise families in an urban center. As cities become the fastest growing missions frontiers, cities must be a key missions priority.

Cities need churches:

  • Where the gospel is preached faithfully and lived out for the common good.
  • Where doctrine is Biblically sound and applied to the culture’s questions.
  • Where believers are edified and skeptics are welcomed.
  • Where disciples apply faith to their work and care for the poor.
  • That are rooted in tradition and collaborate with other churches.
The power of the gospel renews individuals, communities and cities. As God works in individual lives, they start loving their city. Leaders train leaders. Churches are started. Churches start more churches and launch networks. The Holy Spirit causes a movement that brings flourishing to more individuals, communities and cities. This is gospel renewal. And it leads to a movement.
North America needs thousands of churches started and revitalized through the good news of the gospel so that cities will be renewed through those churches.

As we prayerfully anticipate gospel renewal in our cities and prepare to be catalysts for this gospel movement, the Gospel and Our Cities: Chicago 2018 will speak practically on how churches in all regions can fellowship and collaborate in unity and will encourage and equip pastors, church planters, city leaders and you to share the gospel effectively.





The Gospel & Our Cities will explore themes such as…

Urban Ministry

Church Planting

Church Renewal


Faith & Work

Breakout Session Details Coming Soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this conference?
To accelerate and support gospel movements in North American cities, and to officially launch City to City North America.

What is City to City North America?

A fellowship of leaders, churches, church-planting networks and denominational groups that will give priority to helping develop movements of the gospel in 70 leading cities across the U.S. and Canada.

What is City to City?
City to City, also called Redeemer City to City, helps leaders start new churches in global cities. City to City was co-founded and is chaired by Tim Keller. The team is based in New York City and is at work in the global cities of Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

City to City’s core competencies are urban church planting, leadership development and content creation.

To date, City to City has helped to start 495 new churches in 140 cities, served 57 church networks, trained 16,000+ new leaders in city ministry and evangelism and published (28) new resources to help recruit, empower, and develop these leaders.

All of this is done to see cities renewed by the gospel.

What do you mean by the movement of the gospel?
The power of the gospel renews individuals, communities and cities. As God works in individual lives, they start loving their city. Leaders train leaders. Churches are started. Churches start more churches and launch networks. The Holy Spirit causes a movement that brings flourishing to more individuals, communities and cities.

Who is the conference for?
It is designed to encourage and equip pastors, church planters, city leaders, and the general public to minister the gospel effectively in their cities.

What do you hope to accomplish?
  • Develop vision for gospel movements in North American cities.
  • Introduce City to City North America (CTCNA) to churches and movement leaders in North American cities. We hope to connect church planters and church leaders to CTCNA’s vision, training and content.
  • Equip and encourage church planters.
  • Build Momentum for Together Chicago, a movement of Chicago civic and church leaders to renew the city with works of justice and mercy.
  • Give rise to regional fellowships of like-minded churches that we hope will strengthen churches, church leaders and church planting network leaders.

How is this different from other conferences?
City to City North America is uniquely prepared to equip men and women for ministry to the great cities of North America. The conference will focus primarily on loving the city, understanding the implications of the gospel for city ministry, and building gospel movements in cities.

Will I be allowed to take pictures or make recordings?
Attendees may be allowed to take pictures and record the session so long as it does not become a distraction to the overall program.

Where can I park?
Attendees can find street parking around Moody Church, the Parking Lot at Piper’s Alley, and also Parking at Moody Bible Institute.  The Parking Lot at Moody Bible Institute will be free and there will be shuttles going back and forth to Moody Church.

Are their discounts or scholarships?
Yes, please email Tommy Lee at for group discounts or if you are in need of a scholarship.

Will CTC make money off this event?
No. We have set up our budget to meet conference expenditures, and keep the cost for conferences as low as possible. Any surplus of income will be used to help launch the next conference.

How were sponsors selected?
Sponsors were selected according to their interest in the gospel, the city, and compatibility with City to City’s theological vision.

How will this support church planting in North America?
We have designed this event to equip and motivate leaders for church planting. We hope that one of the outcomes will be renewed vision for and commitment to starting new churches across North America.

Where do I stay? Are there lodging discounts?
Yes, select hotels will be offering discounts for conference attendees. Please watch the accomodations page for details on participating vendors with discounts and special offers that will be forthcoming.

Can I get credit at my institution for attending?
At this time there is no credit available for attending the conference.


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Tim Keller is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Redeemer City to City and a New York Times bestselling author. Redeemer City to City has helped start over 495 churches, trained over 16,000 leaders and has formed over 57 church networks, in 70 global cities. We'll send you a free ebook from Tim Keller that talks about why cities, why churches, and how global cities can be renewed.

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